Duffbag Monster Bike bag March 10 2014

Now larger to take wide bars and a 26″ wheel mountain bike or a 29er
We have just revamped and updated our logo on the Monster bags, the bags are also substantially bigger in size to accommodate wide and oversize bars and also take a 26″ wheel mountain bike or a 29er, please note all bags will be shipped with new logo now

Note new logo on larger bags, all monster bags will now be shipped with new logo


We had already designed and produced our racebag but wanted something bigger…
Much bigger…
Some of our bikes are built a bit more burly, full suspension and with oversize bars, just too big to fit in our race bag. So we simply took our racebag design and made a new bag only much bigger, hence the Monster was born…
The race bag was initially designed to suit our own needs – we wanted a bike bag that could take a road or mountain bike, but did not involve stripping the bike down and then rebuilding it when we got to where we were going.
We also wanted a bag that could take a muddy and dirty bike, allow us to put it in our car or camper without getting the inside of the car filthy dirty.
Finally, we wanted a bag that we could take on a plane and then fold up when we got to our destination and would fit it in a rucksack.
Needless to say we could not find anything…
So we designed our own!
The Monster bag is designed to take a full suspension mountain bike(not triple crown), simply pop off the front wheel, turn the bars sideways and away you go. The rear wheel stays on, meaning when you get to your destination you are pretty much ready to ride.
The bag will take a bike with pedals on, but we recommend taking the pedals off and putting them in the zip up pocket inside the bag, it just makes carrying easier.
Talking of carrying we have a shoulder strap, a mid bag strap and a handy strap on the end of the bag that makes maneuvering the bag a cinch.
Inside the bag is a wheel pocket to keep everything in its place, couple this with heavy duty twin slider zips and you have a bag that is great for transporting dirty bikes as well as transporting bikes across continents.

Heavy duty, lockable zips

Internal pockets for pedals and skewers

Air travel?
We have taken our bags on planes, we simply pad the bike in strategic areas, drivetrain, forks, frame etc, add some cardboard for additional protection and away you go. The beauty of this is that when you get to your destination you can discard the packaging and fold up your bag and forget about it, simply replace the packaging for the return journey. If you have tried living with a dirty great wheeled bag in a one bedroom apartment for a week or more you will know what an advantage this is.


As we said earlier we wanted a bag that could fold up when we get to our destination. If you are staying in a one bedroom apartment at a winter training camp or alpine lodge, the last thing you want is a dirty great wheeled bag taking up more room than you do. If you are doing some touring and want to stop in a B&B, you can fold up the racebag into your panniers, just use it for overnight storage without upsetting your hosts.

This is the Monster bag folded, the racebag folds up slightly smaller

This is the Monster bag folded, with some compression you can get it even smaller
Dirty bag?
If you are transporting dirty bikes to and from rides the inside of the bag will inevitably get dirty. Our bags are designed to be tough and simple to clean – simply turn them inside out and give them a good shake, scrub with water and detergent and then hose off, leave to dry and away you go.


Across top of bag 144cm
Widest point 158cm
Depth 93cm

Water resistant outer coating

Water resistant PVC lining


Link to Monster Product Page here


What our customers say


I use my duffbag race bag to transport my bike on the back seat of my Porsche 911

Joe Handley London 

Received the bags on the 11th, just like to say how pleased I am with the quality of your product. Top job!!

Steve B, Staffs