Long distance touring with the Stealth bag March 12 2014

One of our repeat customers describes himself as a “long distance cyclist”and has led a few groups traversing France. Two years ago for example he led a group of twelve cyclists from Toulon to Calais over 10 days, quite a distance. For the trip they used duffbag Stealth bags as they were travelling from London to Paris on Eurostar and then on to Toulon via TGV. The duffbag Stealth complies with the Eurostar strict luggage restrictions for bikes (bikes must be in a bag no larger than 120cm x 90cm - note this regulation has now changed for 2014, bikes now need to travel in the baggage car, no change for TGV service once in France). An added consideration was that all twelve cyclist’s gear was being transported in a Mercedes support car so twelve Stealths all folded down did not take up too much room.

Last year the group headed South again to Mt Ventoux, again using the duffbag Stealth, another successful trip and some very well travelled Stealths. We look forward to sharing more adventures with our long distance cycling friend!