Soft bike bags for mountain bikes, road bikes and cycle touring March 21 2014

Why consider a soft bike bag?


When we developed the duffbag bike bags for mountain bikes, road bikes and cycle touring we wanted to develop a range of soft bike bags that met our needs. A soft bag, by its nature needs to be lightweight and foldable, a bike bag that can be packed down to a compact size that will fit in a backpack or cycle pannier or stash in a small apartment on a winter training camp, university halls of residence, hotel room, chalet etc.

The bags had to protect the bike and also be robust enough to pass through the world's transport system including airports, plane travel, train travel including Eurostar and the French TGV train network.

We also wanted to develop a mountain bike soft bag that you could put a muddy mountain bike in after riding and place it in the back of the car and protect the car seats and interior - a bike transport bag to keep your car clean, quite a design challenge.


We initially developed our duffbag Stealth bag, this is designed to be a very compact soft bike bag that can take a road bike or tourer or mountain bike and then developed the duffbag Monster soft bike bag that is large enough to take a full size 29er mountain bike with full suspension with the rear wheel on!

You can find out more about the Stealth bag here

You can find out more about the Monster bag here

Over the last four years we have developed these soft bike bags, in conjunction with feedback from our many customers worldwide, and incorporated many extra features to meet road bikers, touring cyclists and mountain bikers needs. They have been taken on many expeditions to all parts of the globe as well as in weekly use by muddy weekend warriors everywhere who want to ride muddy bikes and keep their car clean!


Duffbag soft bike bags are only available direct from us, we are the designers and manufacturers and only sell online. This keeps our costs down and cuts out any middlemen. This way get a great product at a great price and become part of the duffbag soft bike bag community, we love to hear your feedback and tales of your adventures with your duffbag bike bags.

Our product range is currently:

  • Duffbag Monster bag - huge soft bike bag built to take a full suspension 29er (or smaller) mountain bike
  • Duffbag Stealth bag - compact soft bike bag built to take a road, touring or mountain bike
  • Duffbag Kit bag - 50 litre capacity all purpose kit bag for stashing wet or muddy kit