Bike bag for hotels, apartments or university halls of residence March 24 2014

Many of our duffbag bike bag customers tell us tales of traveling with their bikes and staying in hotels. Some are traveling for business, some for pleasure but mostly they have used duffbag bike bags to get their bikes safely and securely into their hotel rooms. Naturally, most hotel receptionists and security get a bit sniffy if you try and wheel a muddy bike through their lobby or even a clean bike, it just does not fit with their specification of how a hotel reception should look. It seems that once you envelope your bike in a bag it renders it "invisible" and the problems of bike and hotel"disappear". Now please don't take this as us encouraging people to flout rules and regulations but we love to travel and we love bikes so combining the two is surely a good thing and if we can find a way to combine the two we will normally take it, especially if it makes the security of our precious bikes a bit better.

Often we hear tales of people traveling for business or working away for the week returning home at weekends. We all work hard for our bike fitness so a week without getting some miles in makes a big difference to bike fitness especially if you are training for an event, so many people like to take their bike along on a trip and get some miles in after work - sure beats hanging around in a lonely bar talking rubbish to strangers!

Another story we hear quite often is keeping bikes in university halls of residence, this is often a problem as university halls don't really understand the bike thing and like you to stash your £2,000 carbon fibre precious two wheeled beauty in the outdoors bike shed. If you value your bike this will go against the grain and you will want to think of an alternative. Again we are NOT encouraging anyone to flout the rules, especially to do with safety we are just saying that many people do keep their road bikes or mountain bikes in a bike bag inside their room in university halls of residence. Obviously the same is true of keeping a dirty bike inside an apartment or flat or hallway of a house, many landlords will object to keeping a bike indoors, storing a bike in a soft bike bag can get around this problem.

Once again, we are not encouraging people to break the regulations of keeping a bike in an apartment, university halls of residence, house or hotel, we are simply reporting anecdotal claims made by our bike bag customers.