Soft Bike Bag 120cm x 90cm March 31 2014


The maximum dimensions for a bike bag on the French High Speed TGV network is 120cm x 90cm, this allows you to carry on a bike packed into a bike bag this size and take it in the passenger carriage with you as hand luggage. The maximum size for traveling on Eurostar with a bike in a bag inside the passenger compartment used to be 120cm x 90cm but it has since been changed to a much smaller size, too small for anything other than a folding bike.

The duffbag Stealth soft bike bag is 120cm x 90cm and is compliant with the size regulations on the TGV High Speed train network in France. Eurostar will still take a bike packed into a bag this size but not in the passenger compartment - the bike would need to travel in the baggage car.


The duffbag Stealth soft bike bag folds down really small so is ideal for stashing in either a pannier or hotel room and is designed to be both lightweight and compact. If you are looking for a bike bag to take on Eurostar and onwards using the TGV train network in France the duffbag Stealth could be just what you are looking for.

You can find out more about the duffbag Stealth bag by clicking here