Bike bag storage for keeping bike indoors April 03 2014


We know many of you use your bike bags for many different reasons and not just travel. We know storing a bike indoors in a hallway, flat or apartment can be a challenge and storing a bike in a bike bag is a well proven solution. A wet muddy bike is generally going to get complaints from husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, landlords or anyone that you share a living space with. Storing a bike indoors in a bike bag is a good way to protect it from knocks or damage or condensation rusting expensive parts. Security is another key aspect, leaving a bike on display, indoors, in a shared hallway is asking for trouble, a bike locked securely in a discreet bike bag may not look so tempting. Some people use our bags for long term indoor storage of a bike, for example if the expensive bike is stashed away for the winter while you use the winter training bike. Our bags have a water resistant outer shell and a water resistant PVC lining, whilst we are not suggesting you could leave your bike stored in a bike bag outdoors exposed to the elements, the bag would offer significant protection from the elements if stored in a shed or garage or maybe even a sheltered balcony. To summarise - storing or storage of a bike indoors in a bike bag could be a good solution if you are limited on space for example in a flat or apartment, it is even possible to store a bike in a bike bag and keep it is a spare room or bedroom without too much trouble from those that you share a house with.