Mountain bike transport bag to keep car clean October 15 2016

"I have a really dirty, muddy mountain bike that I need to put in the back of my car, without covering the inside of my car in dirt, sand, mud and oil."

This is a problem that most of us mountain bikers face from time to time, especially in autumn and winter when the trails are particularly wet and muddy.

What is the best way to transport a wet, muddy, mountain bike and keep your car clean?

Some people opt for the rear bike rack option or roof rack - this is not a bad option unless you want to stop on the way back as an expensive bike on a bike rack is a tempting opportunity for thieves.

A bike rack can be a magnet for theft of an expensive mountain bike.

Many people opt to put the bike in the rear of the car with the seats down but over time the inside of the boot (trunk) of the car starts to resemble a drying, festering swamp. OK if you drive an old nail that you just use for biking but many of us use our main set of wheels for work, commuting and general family ferrying, quite soon a muddy swamp for a boot (trunk) gets old real quick.

How about a great big, zip up, water proof bag for transporting wet, muddy mountain bikes from the trail to keep the inside of your car clean?

We developed the duffbag Monster bike bag to overcome this very problem: the Monster bag is HUGE, it will swallow a 29er full suspension large frame mountain bike comfortably, with the rear wheel on, and zip all that trail nastiness inside the PVC lined polyester bag. The bag simply slides into the boot (trunk) of the car and keeps the inside of your car clean.

Once back at home you can jet wash or hose your bike down, let it dry and then store your pride and joy in the bag ready for you to rip up the trails again on your next ride.

You can find out more about the duffbag monster bike bag, the bag for transporting your dirty mountain bike and keeping your car clean by clicking here