Stock Situation 5th May 2017 May 05 2017

We have been busy with production at the factory early spring and have delivered a large quantity of items to our UK distribution partners, the stock situation at the moment is as follows:

Monster bags - Plenty in stock

Stealth bags - Plenty in stock

50 Litre Kit bags - Plenty in stock

25 Litre Kit bags - Plenty in stock

Our distribution partners are despatching bags same working day in pretty much 100% of orders using Royal Mail tracked service for UK deliveries. 

We will be starting on production of the next batch soon and depending upon demand aim to keep a permanent in stock situation with our best selling bags.

Duffbag Stealth - In stock

Duff bag Monster - in stock

Duffbag Kit bag, both sizes - in stock

Duff bags now back in stock and shipping same working day